Leaving devkitPro

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I’m going to follow this up with another post for homebrew devs about what this means for me, fling, wut and so on, but I figured this should stand on its own. So yeah, this is a post about me and devkitPro.

An Average WiiU Bug: SDL Audio

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Heya! [waving paw hand (blue) emoji] It’s about time for another blog post, since I sure do write them super frequently. I’m tossing up commiting to monthy or, uh, fortmonthy updates like my mate Alex did for a while; mostly for the random small projects I churn through (there’s a broken 3DS sitting on my desk) and to talk about things like this. As you may know, I’ve been cowriting a port of SDL to the wiiu with rw, which is what this post is about! Specifically, one of the many trials of audio.

Personal updates, Wii U things I'm excited for

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Hey all! [waving paw hand (blue) emoji] I know I haven’t blogged anything in ages - sorry about that. It’s definitely something I still want to do - it can be nice to do something a bit more long-form ouside the usual 280/500 character limits. It’s just been kinda crazy lately - something we’re gonna talk about a little more in this post - and finding time to sit down and write something gets difficult. In any case, here we are now! I wanted to talk a little about the recent developments in the Wii U scene, where I am personally, and just ramble for a bit. Fair warning: this post is fairly pointless - think of it as an update, perhaps?

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