Hi! I'm Ash, a 17 year old developer working on all things Wii U. I love PowerPC processors, semicolons and FOSS. Definitely furry. Enjoy your stay!
Origins of a Programmer: How I got started
Ash general me programming getting-started 17 August 2017

I’ve had a lot of people asking me how I first got started with programming, and how I got to where I am today. It’s not a particularly wild ride (maybe I can make this sound better?) but hopefully this story of snakes, chat programs and Minecraft gives you some insight into my background.

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Weebhax; an explanation of stagefright; and what's going on
Ash brew weebhax crunchyroll exploits stagefright updates 5.5.2 07 August 2017

So, let’s talk about weebhax. The rather unexpected juggernaut of 5.5.2 dealt a harsh blow from Nintendo, patching out browserhax and leaving many users without an entrypoint. The hunt was on! We’ll pick up the story at the genesis of what I’m working on: the discovery that, inside the Crunchyroll application, several files are downloaded over an insecure connection which we can intercept and replace with our own, arbitrary content.

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Ash general meta 01 August 2017

This site is a WIP. Have a look around! Old hands can still find good ‘ol /time here.

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