h-card really needs to fix their whole gender thing

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I have a h-card on my aboutme page, since it’s a nice way to mark up the info I have anyway, without having to duplicate it all in the way some other structured data formats want. Also, if it can be slightly less friendly to Google, that’s a plus in my book. I s’pose the idea is that someone’s feedreader can have a little card with info about me next to my posts, which is cute, but I’m not actually aware of anything that does this. In any case, I was making some little tweaks to it and was tagging up my pronouns and gender, which, wow, what an experience!

Minecraft 1.19 has made me scared of caves

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I went in to the update a bit later than most, only trying it out when my SMP of choice moved over. I had previously been playing in older 1.17 chunks, so I effectively got Caves and Cliffs at the same time too. I also, unlike most, went in completely blind. I knew that there was a difficult mob named the Warden, and something about frogs, and very little else.

Isolation Microblog 1

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It’s official - I’ve got 7 days of isolation lined up due to a family member contracting COVID-19. I’ve decided I’m going to make a blog post every day of it. Since I’ve spent most of today trying to get my affairs in order given this sudden news, I don’t have much, but I do have a thought that’s been bugging me: I absolutely told someone recently “Oh, Axel F! I bet you it’s the Crazy Frog version” when the song was in fact Popcorn. Which is. Embarrassing.


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(So, this post is a little different. It’s highly personal and a bit of a vent; about part of my experience while doing something as “simple” as introductions. It’s a stream of conciousness and thus could be triggering. So, big content warning for transgender anxieties. If you’re trans, you’ll probably relate to this and it could bring up some upsetting memories. If you’re looking for a page that introduces myself, that’s About Me.)

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