About Me

My avi/fursona: Fox-ish blue thing with big ears, brown eyes and a large tousle of fur

Hi! I'm Ash, a 20 year old Aussie developer working on anything that interests. I love PowerPC processors, semicolons and FOSS. Online, I usually go by quarktheawesome or quarky - though quarky is rarely available! B'day's ; they/them enby friend. Feel free to say hi!

You can usually find me by my usernames, but for convenience here's some of my prescences you might be interested in:

  • This website - I'm obviously on my own website! I'll blog sometimes and fiddle with the backend frequently. I've made the source available here. This page also acts as a h-card; woo microformats!
  • Mastodon (@quarky@glaceon.social) - Everyone's favorite decentralised social network! If you want to join, read how it works at joinmastodon.org first. Open DMs, just tag, whatever.
  • Matrix (@ash:heyquark.com) - Decentralised messaging platform For The Futureā„¢. Trying to slowly migrate off Discord, DMs should be open? I think? Assuming I've figured out how it works. Uptime not guaranteed.
  • XMPP (ash@heyquark.com) - Decentralised messaging platform straight out of the 90s. Slightly preferred to Matrix, purely becuase of Conversations on Android.
  • Twitter (@quarktheawesome) - Unused in favor of Mastodon. DMs open.
  • Email (ash@heyquark.com) - Old but gold, send me whatever! You can use PGP (F8C85A8C836C0A7E), it'll take me longer to respond though. The key is for an old address - it should still work fine on the new one!
  • Keybase (quarktheawesome) - Wondorous PGP tomfoolery. Might take me a little while to notice; guaranteed to be me if there's a hack or something. Generally unused, try email instead.

Not all of my accounts are good for contacting me, though that doesn't mean they don't exist. These links are more here for looking at my content than trying to get in touch.

  • GBATemp (QuarkTheAwesome) - I probably spend way too much time on GBATemp. Doesn't everyone?
  • GitHub (QuarkTheAwesome) - Code goes here. I'll put pretty much anything up, so be aware that there's some real crap available.
  • GitLab (QuarkTheAwesome) - I'm slowly moving away from GitHub, so you may also find my stuff here.
  • YouTube (Ash) - I stream whatever I'm working on occasionally. Check it out if you want.
  • Twitch (quarktheawesome) - Also streaming here! I bounce between the two platforms, lately Twitch is appealing more.
  • Reddit (QuarkTheAwesome) - /r/WiiUHacks and lurking in popular subs for the most part.
  • Discord (quarky#8525, used to be QuarkTheAwesome#8525) - Here so you can verify if you see me on a server, I don't really use it as my public-facing IM setup. I don't know if DMs even come through for strangers...