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(So, this post is a little different. It’s highly personal and a bit of a vent; about part of my experience while doing something as “simple” as introductions. It’s a stream of conciousness and thus could be triggering. So, big content warning for transgender anxieties. If you’re trans, you’ll probably relate to this and it could bring up some upsetting memories. If you’re looking for a page that introduces myself, that’s About Me.)

Experiments in image corruption

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I recently saw a post from Daniel Aleksandersen about bitrot in modern image formats, which included a method to quantify how different a corrupted image is from its original. Daniel used random bitflips, but this got me thinking about glitch art - what if we could generate every possible corrupted image and quantitatively state which ones are the best?

Some Interesting Links

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One of the things I thought I might try to get myself blogging more (and to force me to actually appreciate things I like) is posting collections of links, things I found interesting or spent time on in the last [time period] - dare I say monthly? dangerous. This seems to be taking root as various YouTube folk start mailing lists, and of course some great newsletters (check out Cryptography Dispatches!) do the same. Without further ado, here are some interesting things I saw during the July-August-ish period for you to peruse.

Making a Ghidra server use a custom SSL certificate

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Over the past little while I’ve helped sysadmin a small Ghidra server for the 4TU staff team. After Fedora changed their crypto policies in version 33, the TLS certificate broke and my connections started failing. One of the things I’ve noticed is a lack of documentation for the Ghidra server, so I figured I may as well write down how I ended up making it work for our system.

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