Personal updates, Wii U things I'm excited for

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Hey all! [waving paw hand (blue) emoji] I know I haven’t blogged anything in ages - sorry about that. It’s definitely something I still want to do - it can be nice to do something a bit more long-form ouside the usual 280/500 character limits. It’s just been kinda crazy lately - something we’re gonna talk about a little more in this post - and finding time to sit down and write something gets difficult. In any case, here we are now! I wanted to talk a little about the recent developments in the Wii U scene, where I am personally, and just ramble for a bit. Fair warning: this post is fairly pointless - think of it as an update, perhaps?

Weebhax; an explanation of stagefright; and what's going on

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So, let’s talk about weebhax. The rather unexpected juggernaut of 5.5.2 dealt a harsh blow from Nintendo, patching out browserhax and leaving many users without an entrypoint. The hunt was on! We’ll pick up the story at the genesis of what I’m working on: the discovery that, inside the Crunchyroll application, several files are downloaded over an insecure connection which we can intercept and replace with our own, arbitrary content.

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