Hey! I run a pretty boring site here in terms of legal guff, data collection, whatever - basically, I don't really do it. There's a few other things I'm fairly sure I have to mention, though:

  • This site is totally routed through CloudFlare, which has its own privacy policy that affects this website. Check it out here. I also use some files from CDNJS, which has the same policy.
  • I host this website using GitLab Pages - go read their policy. Sometimes the backend is actually my home server, in which case a log of which pages get visited is kept. Since CloudFlare masks your IP, there's no way I use this data to track you.
  • Some pages have Disqus comments. You can find a link to their privacy policy on every Disqus-enabled page, or you can check it out here.
  • See the Mastodon timeline on the left? That works by parsing an Atom feed from my home instance, You can check out their privacy policy.

You can opt out of Disqus and services by disabling JavaScript for this website. There's not much I can do about Cloudflare, sorry.

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